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16 Digit Virtual Aadhaar number generation online for KYC

Friends, As you are aware that sometimes retailer can access and misuse our information retrieved by E-Kyc adhaar process. Retailers don’t need all confidential information. So UIDAI has started new 16 digit virtual adhaar number generation process. Using this is good step to avoid leakage of confidential information. It offers limited KYC access providing need-based information that is required for the verification rather than offering the complete details of an individual’s Aadhaar card to make information secure.

How to generate 16 Digit Aadhaar number (Virtual aadhaar)?

Step 1: Go to UIDAI website.

Step 2: click on Virtual ID (VID) generator.

Step 3. Enter security code (capcha code) given in image.

Step 4. Click on submit. OTP will be received on your registered number.

Step 5. Enter OTP number and click on submit button. 16 Digit aadhaar ID will be shown. It can be used with any retailer.

You can generate VID many times but as soon as you generate a new Aadhaar Virtual ID, the older one gets cancelled. This will prevent duplicity. Actually this process of a 16-digit VID was started to make Aadhaar information of residents more secure and private. Users can update their address by generating VID. The new feature will allow users to authenticate and verify without giving complete Aadhaar UID. Misuse of data will be limited by this new feature.

You can use Android App mAdhaar also to do above process. It can be downloaded from Google play store. After creating PIN no of 4 digit you need to enter your adhaar number. An OTP will be sent. You need to enter that OTP. Now go to virtual ID option and enter any 16 digit of your choice and after process, it can be used anywhere for KYC verification.

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