How to pass JAIIB in single attempt?

If you are preparing for JAIIB exam, you are on right place. Every banker wants to pass JAIIB & CAIIB exam to get increment and also it helps in promotion. Although passing to JAIIB is not so easy but not impossible.

You can pass all 3 papers of JAIIB in single attempt also. If you follow these 7 tips.

Here are important Points to pass JAIIB in single attempt. (Jaiib pass karne ke 7 Mantra)

1. Try to pass all 3 papers in single attempt to take benefit of aggregate marks 150.

You know that 2nd paper of JAIIB is much hard that 2 others. So you can get 45 marks instead of 50. If you get 45 marks in 3rd paper also but if you get at least 60 marks in 1st paper. Then you are pass. So try to get benefit of aggregate marks of total 150 (but at least 45 marks in each). I also did same in both JAIIB and CAIIB.

“Sabhi ko aisa lagta hai ki har baar 48 & 49 marks hi kyun aate hai. Pure 50 kyun nahi aate. ” but remember that 45 marks are enough in Accounting paper which is little bit tough that 2 others. In first paper you can get more than 60. Yes trust me, 1st paper is little bit easy if you study carefully.

I understand this and I know many friends missed by just 1 or 2 marks.

2. Read Latest edition of books.

If you have purchased old edition books and have taken books from your friends. It is not good to read old edition of books. Few things and rules have been changed in latest edition. But if you have old edition of books, your answer might be wrong even if you have studied.
So note that you prepare from Latest edition only.

Here are direct URL of books of latest edition of JAIIB. You can order online all 3 books together to save cost. Click here to for latest books


3. Read PDF in additional reading section of IIBF site.

Make sure you download latest updates and additional reading from IIBF website under Additional reading section. You can directly access from here also.

4. Start preparation now.

Don’t keep planning like “Kal se taiyari shuru karenge”. Start today itself. Shuruat ka matlab aadhi jeet pakki.

5. Try mock test and last year paper on your mobile or laptop.

There are mock test available. Few are free like demo and others with nominal charges. Even IIBF also provides mock test facility in 100 rupees. You can try it two times. You will get idea of real exam.


6. Read Short notes also to revise your studied theory.

There are short notes available on social sites like FB groups. YouTube videos also are helpful.

7. Just read MacMillan books thoroughly.

Prepare atleast for 1 month but remember that you read latest edition only. Although numerical example are very less in Mcmillan books but for theory part, McMillan books are best. I have updated Amazon url of latest books here for you.

You can click here to access latest books of Jaiib.

I have followed above mentioned 7 mantras for myself also and have passed both JAIIB and CAIIB. -Sandeep (A banker)

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