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how to get OTP for PNB Debit card green pin? pnb atm pin generate कैसे करें

PNB के एटीएम कार्ड का पिन ऐसे बनाये आसान तरीका (pnb atm pin generate in 2021)  If you have received New debit card, you need to set PIN for the debit card. We’ll see – pnb atm pin generate kaise karen? First of all you need 6 digit OTP for new PNB debit card.

how to get OTP for PNB Debit card green pin? pnb atm pin generate kaise karen?

You can get SMS for 6 digit OTP if you have collected new PNB rupay Classic card form your PNB branch. But if you did not get any SMS, you can generate OTP using these simple steps. PNB atm pin generate yourself after seeing this.

How to get 6 digit OTP for PNB ATM card?

Send SMS using your registered mobile number like this.
DCPIN <16 digit ATM card no.>

Send this sms to 9264092640 or you can send also to 5607040. You will get SMS from bank. You can use 6 digit OTP for new Green PIN mentioned in SMS.

How to set PIN for PNB debit card using 6 digit OTP?

You can use “Green PIN” option in your PNB net banking.

If you have any issue, this video can help you for the generation green pin of your PNB debit card.

How to get New debit card?

If you want to get new card, you can do this easily. Read this for complete information to get new PNB debit card.

You can also do same by PNB ATM machine. You can watch this video also for step by step process in ATM machine. pnb atm pin generate karen.


Self – Generation Of OTP For Setting Duplicate Debit Card PIN:

  • Please send SMS DCPIN space CARDNUMBER to 5607040 from registered mobile number for active debit card.
  • Immediately on successful validation of your card/mobile credentials, system will send 6 digits OTP on registered mobile number with validity of 72 hours.
  • Using this OTP, you can set debit card PIN of your choice through any PNB ATM/IBS account as mentioned below.

What is Green PIN in PNB?

Green PIN is in form of a One Time Password (OTP) which is received by a customer on his registered mobile*.
The features of the Green Pin are:
a) It is an OTP of 6 numeric digits
b) It is valid for 72 hours from its delivery and
c) It can be used only once.

PNB greeen PIN generation process (pnb atm pin generate)

Green PIN can be generated in 2 cases only, viz a) When a new debit-card is issued by branch and is activated through DCARD menu in CBS before handing over to customer. b) When the customer requests for a duplicate PIN by sending a SMS DCPIN space to 5607040 or 9264092640 from registered mobile number only.

Green PIN generation in PNB (pnb atm pin generate)

Green Pin OTP is valid for 72 hours from delivery time. Customers can set the debit card PIN using Green Pin OTP at PNB ATMs or through Internet banking account (POST LOGIN). The process is as under:
PIN setting at PNB ATMs using Green Pin OTP (OTP already available with the customer):

1. Swipe debit card at any PNB ATM machine.
3. ATM screen will prompt you to enter 6 digit OTP which is already delivered on the registered mobile number.
4. Enter 6 digit OTP and press OK.
5. ATM screen will prompt you to enter 4 digit number of your choice as PIN of debit card and press OK.
6. Please re-enter the same 4 digit number again for confirmation of PIN.
7. If entry of 4 digit number matches in both cases, system will store this as PIN and you will get the confirmation message on ATM
screen – “Thank you, your PIN has been set successfully. Please do not share it with anyone”.

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