SBI cash deposit charges cash handling charge

SBI Cash handling charges

Cash Deposit Transactions: Savings Bank (Including SURABHI Savings Bank account; Excluding
Financial Inclusion account):
No. of cash deposit transactions in a month 3 transactions free
Beyond 3 Transactions in a month (Excluding Alternate channel transactions) = ₹50/-+ GST per Transaction

Cash Deposit Transactions: Current Account
Current Account (AMB ₹10,000/-)
Power POS (AMB ₹5,000/-+)
Power Base (AMB ₹20,000/-)
Surabhi CA (AMB ₹10,000/-)     = Upto ₹25000/- per day : Free

After that

₹0.75 per ₹1,000/- + GST
Minimum ₹50/- + GST
Maximum ₹20,000/- + GST

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