LFCEV charges in Bank of Baroda

LFCEV charges in Bank of Baroda

LFCEV charge is Ledger folio charge. Bank of baroda takes ledger folio charges as per no. of transaction.

It is applicable to Current Account, CC, Over Draft account

Ledger folio charges (LFCEV remark in statement ) is Rs125/- per 25 entries (one folio).

LFCEV charges In Current Accounts:-

Av. Credit  Bal (Rs) folios (per quarter) in Every 3 months
Account balance Up to 25000 All folios are chargeable
Above Rs 25000/- to Rs 1,00,000/- Chargeable after 2 folios
Above Rs 1 to Rs 2 lac Chargeable after 5 folios
Above Rs 2 to Rs 5 lac Chargeable after 10 folios
Above Rs 5 lac Folio Charges not applicable

Folio means 25 entries per page.
Ledger folio charges to be recovered on a quarterly basis.

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