Dcardfee in ICICI


Dcardfee in ICICI (DCARDFEE चार्ज क्या होता और कब, कितना लगता है ? पूरी जानकारी


ATM Annual Fee Rs. 250 + GST as applicable (1 year)
ATM Card replacement fee Rs. 199 + GST as applicable
Cash withdrawal from ICICI Bank ATM’s Free (NIL charge)
Cash withdrawal from other Bank ATM’s Rs. 20 per withdrawal + GST as applicable
Balance Inquiry from ICICI Bank ATM’s Free
Balance Inquiry from other Bank ATM’s Rs. 8.50 per inquiry + GST as applicable
Inactivity fee Rs. 25 + GST as applicable

DCARDFee is deducted from your account annually for your ATM card usage. Every bank takes debit card fees. Few banks provide 1st year free of charge but after 1-year charges are deducted from your bank account. Although SMS is also sent to your number, however, you can check ATM charges in bank statement or passbook.

DCARDfee in bank of baroda

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  • it was a bad experience. My ICICI Bank I did not pick up a call and the other money which has been withdrawn from the account, from whom we can get information

  • very good. main is ko search kar raha hai. mera 295 rupees charge kata hai DCARDFee ke name se.

    • DCARDFee icici bank me 295 rupees kata hai. Dcardfee in icici bank 295 rupees lagta hai, jabki baki banks me dcardfee 118 or 176 rupees hi lagta hai. icici bank dcardfee charge 295 rupees jyada leta hai

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