Amazon KYC offer

Amazon KYC offer

Did you get SMS “Your Amazon pay balance account will be marked as inactive on dt xx. You’ll be unable to add or use balance in Amazon. Complete KYC to continue usage”. You need to update KYC in your Amazon Wallet. RBI has increased the last date for KYC updation in e-wallets.  now e-wallets are proving KYC … Read more

Bank of Baroda Mobile banking Baroda M-connect for NRI customers

bob mobile banking for NRI

Bank of baroda Mobile banking for NRI customers Now Bank of Baroda mobile banking Baroda M-connect is for NRI customers also. NRI customers of Bank of baroda can use Mobile banking easily now. Steps for Mobile Banking Registration: Registration can be done in Savings Bank account using following options – At your base branch – … Read more

Mpassbook Bank of Baroda BOB Passbook app

BOB M Passbook

Baroda MPassbook (Bank of baroda Passbook app) Baroda Mpassbook app is for Bank of Baroda customers to see account statement. It is soft copy of passbook. You can see all transaction instantly. No need to go branch to update pass book. BOB MPassbook App Requirement: 1. Mobile no should be updated in your bank account. … Read more

Rupay ATM Card Accidental insurance scheme 1 lakh or 2 lakh ?

Rupay ATM Accidental Insurance scheme: Latest information If you are using Rupay ATM card, you must know about this. Every rupay card holder is insured with accidental insurance plan. All non-premium rupay cards have insurance of 1 lakh rupees and all premium rupay ATM like Rupay Platinum have insurance of ruppes 2 Lakhs. Most of … Read more