NEFT charges in PNB bank

Charges for NEFT in PNB (Punjab National Bank) 1. Outward NEFT For Customer Related Transactions: Amount of transaction Charges* (Excluding GST) Upto Rs.10000/- Rs. 2.50 Above Rs.10000/- to Rs.1 lac Rs. 5.00 Above Rs.1 lac to Rs.2 lac Rs.15.00 2 Above Rs. 2 lac Rs. 25.00 NEFT Charges if transactions made through digital channels i.e. … Read more

New ATM card for PNB customers

pnb new emv chip atm

If you have an account in PNB. This blog is for you. As you know that RBI has directed to all banks to change ATM card with Chip technology. PNB New ATM card : How to get it? PNB has sent non-personalised ATM to its branches. Anyone can get new ATM card through his branch. … Read more

how to get OTP for PNB Debit card green pin?

PNB green pin generate

If you have received New debit card, you need to set PIN for the debit card. First of all you need 6 digit OTP for new PNB debit card. how to get OTP for PNB Debit card green pin? You can get SMS for 6 digit OTP if you have collected new PNB rupay Classic … Read more

PNB EMV Chip card : News nov. 2018

pnb new emv chip atm

PNB EMV Chip card : How to get new EMV chip debit card? Punjab National Bank is sending new EMV chip debit card to all existing customer. If you are using old ATM (non-chip ATM). This news is for you. You need new EMV Chip card. Non-chip PNB ATM will be blocked or not? If you are using old non-chip card. You … Read more