new ifsc code of united bank of india from 1 april 2021

new IFSC code of united bank of india from 1st april 2021 Punjab national bank has provided new IFSC code for united bank of india old customers. You can check new ifsc code of united bank of india from this link यहाँ क्लिक करें  new IFSC code of united bank of india Sr. No. […]

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Form 15G

15G form 15H form submit ki last date

यदि आपकी बैंक में कोई FD (फिक्स डिपाजिट) है तो यह खबर आपके महत्वपूर्ण है.  तो इस पोस्ट को पूरा पढ़ें. COVID-19 के चलते CBDT डिपार्टमेंट ने हाल ही में 15G form/ 15H form भरने की लास्ट डेट जो कि31 मार्च तक होती है वह बढ़ाकर 30 जून 2020 कर दी है. इसका मतलब यह […]

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PNB merger

PNB bank merger OBC UBI

PNB bank merger with OBC bank and United bank of india is complete. PNB news 2020. Branches of Oriental Bank of Commerce and United Bank of India to operate as branches of PNB (Punjab National Bank) from April 1, 2020. PNB Merger (Punjab National Bank merger) As you know that the Amalgamation of Oriental Bank […]

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15G form changes in year 2019-20

Friends if you have FD in any bank, this blog is for you. As you know that if you have FD in any bank you need to submit 15G or 15H, according to your age. So that Bank does not deduct TDS on your FD interest. Read more about 15G or 15H form. What is […]

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NEFT charges in PNB bank

Charges for NEFT in PNB (Punjab National Bank) 1. Outward NEFT For Customer Related Transactions: Amount of transaction Charges* (Excluding GST) Upto Rs.10000/- Rs. 2.50 Above Rs.10000/- to Rs.1 lac Rs. 5.00 Above Rs.1 lac to Rs.2 lac Rs.15.00 2 Above Rs. 2 lac Rs. 25.00 NEFT Charges if transactions made through digital channels i.e. […]

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