How to get New SBI EMV chip Debit card?

your state bank debit card blocked

You have read in newspapers that SBI old non-chip ATM debit card will be blocked before 31st December. Well, it’s right. But SBI customers are confused that do we need to apply online for New EMV chip Debit card or visit SBI branch for the same. How will we get new SBI EMV chip debit … Read more

Your SBI debit card ending with dispatched

SBI debit card dispatched

Your SBI debit card ending with dispatched So you got sms from SBI “Your SBI Debit Card ending with XXXX dispatched on xx this date through Speed Post No AXXXXXIN. Plz follow instructions on welcome letter to generate your PIN”. Speed post tracking for SBI card. Great! You will get your new SBI ATM card … Read more

ATM card blocked, Contact your branch message

ATM card blocked, How to get new Debit card? Are you getting message “ATM card blocked, Contact your base branch”. It is because all magnetic strip atm carbs are being blocked as per RBI guidelines. My ATM card blocked. How to unblock now? Now you need to get ATM card with Chip technology before 31st … Read more