Bank of Baroda NEFT charges from April 2019

Bank of Baroda will increase its NEFT charges from April 2019. Earlier there were nil charges for NEFT upto amount 1 Lac. But now Bank of Baroda increasing charges for NEFT.

Bank of Baroda charges till now
NEFT through branch

Up to Rs.1 lac : Nil

Above Rs.1 lacs to Rs.2 lacs: 15/- rupees + GST per transaction

Above Rs.2 lacs : 25/- Rupees + GST per transaction

New charges in Bank of baroda NEFT

From April 2019
upto 10,000 : 2.5 Rupees+GST
10,000 to 1 lac : 5 Rupees+GST
1 lac to 2 lac : 15 Rupees+GST
2 lac and above : 25 Rupees +GST


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Baroda M Connect Plus App new feature

Bank of Baroda has launched the new version of it’s mobile banking app “Baroda M connect Plus”. There are so many new features in the new app. You must read this.

Bank of Baroda Mobile banking Baroda M Connect plus new version.

NRE Customers special in Baroda M conncet plus.

Now NRE customer also can use BOB Mobile banking Baroda M connect Plus. Earlier it was not possible.

Close Fixed Deposit on the go in Baroda M connect Plus

Yes, now you can close FD through mobile banking also. Earlier you could open FD online but closure was not possible.

Transfer your bank account to any branch through Baroda M connect Plus

Now you can transfer you saving account to any BOB branch online through Baroda M connect Plus easily. Just place request through mobile banking App.

Other new feature of Baroda M connect Plus

You cab renew your FD. You can pay EMI of your loan also. Cash on mobile also is very good feature of BOB Mobile banking app.

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