ppf interest rate 2020-21

PPF interest rate 2020-21

PPF interest rate 2020-21 The interest rate on the public provident fund (PPF) scheme and other has been decreased for April 2020. Now it is only 7.10 percent per annum. In Sukanya account, new interest rate is 7.6 percent only. The interest rate on the five-year term deposit has been reduced to 6.7 percent from the […]

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TDS rate on FDR in 2020, 15G 15H rule in 2020

What are TDS rate in 2020 and special for senior cetizens? We will discuss TDS rule in 2020. As you know, till FY 2017-18, bank was deducting TDS if interest income exceeds 10,000/- Per year. But recently it has been changed. Section 194A has been amended by Budget 2018 so as to raise the threshold […]

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