How to pass JAIIB in single attempt? Must read every banker

How to pass JAIIB in single attempt? If you are preparing for JAIIB exam, you are on right place. Every banker wants to pass JAIIB & CAIIB exam to get increment and also it helps in promotion. Although passing to JAIIB is not so easy but not impossible. You can pass all 3 papers of … Read more

TDS rate on FDR FY 2018-19 (TDS rule 2018-19)

What are TDS rate in AY 2018-19 and special for senior cetizens? We will discuss TDS rule 2018-19 here. As you know, till FY 2017-18, bank was deducting TDS if interest income exceeds 10,000/- Per year. But recently it has been changed. Section 194A has been amended by Budget 2018 so as to raise the … Read more

Bhim App cashback offer rs 51 one time and 750 per month

Bhim App 750 rupees cash back per month, How?   Friends, Bhim app is fastest app of Just 2 MB size. It was launched in 2017. This year on 14th April, Indian Govt offered cashback plan for new bhim users. New plan offers cash back of 750 rupees per month per user. Merchants can get … Read more