LFCEV charges in Bank of Baroda

LFCEV charges in Bank of Baroda LFCEV charge is Ledger folio charge. Bank of baroda takes ledger folio charges as per no. of transaction. It is applicable to Current Account, CC, Over Draft account Ledger folio charges (LFCEV remark in statement ) is Rs125/- per 25 entries (one folio). LFCEV charges In Current Accounts:- Av. Credit  … Read more

RBI repo rate effect on bank interest rate

RBI has decreased repo rate recently. Do you know how does it affect the bank interest rate on loan portfolio? Normally, it has a positive effect on borrowers as they may get benefit in EMI. Every bank declares its new interest rate whenever RBI increases or decreases the repo rate. Recently RBI reduces repo rate … Read more

15G form changes in year 2019-20

Friends if you have FD in any bank, this blog is for you. As you know that if you have FD in any bank you need to submit 15G or 15H, according to your age. So that Bank does not deduct TDS on your FD interest. Read more about 15G or 15H form. What is … Read more

Bank of Baroda Mobile banking Baroda M-connect for NRI customers

bob mobile banking for NRI

Bank of baroda Mobile banking for NRI customers Now Bank of Baroda mobile banking Baroda M-connect is for NRI customers also. NRI customers of Bank of baroda can use Mobile banking easily now. Steps for Mobile Banking Registration: Registration can be done in Savings Bank account using following options – At your base branch – … Read more