SBI PIN generation online

The process to SBI PIN generation online

You can generation SBI PIN online through net banking or through SBI ATM also. SBI PIN generation is easy. Follow these steps for SBI pin generation online.

SBI PIN generation online process

Here is the full process for SBI PIN generation online

Step i: Login to site.

Step ii: After login click on the E-Services menu.

Step iii: Select ATM Card Service option.

Step iv: Select ATM PIN Generation option (3rd option).

Step v: Select the card and click on submit Enter OTP received in SMS.

Step vi: Enter any 2 digits as per your choice.

Step vii: Enter 2 digits received in sms to complete 4 digit PIN No.

Sep viii: That’s it. This is SBI PIN generation online process.

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In this way, SBI ATM pin generation is possible easily.

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how to get OTP for PNB Debit card green pin?

If you have received New debit card, you need to set PIN for the debit card. First of all you need 6 digit OTP for new PNB debit card.

how to get OTP for PNB Debit card green pin?

You can get SMS for 6 digit OTP if you have collected new PNB rupay Classic card form your PNB branch. But if you did not get any SMS, you can generate OTP using these simple steps.

How to get 6 digit OTP for PNB ATM card?

Send SMS using your registered mobile number like this.
DCPIN <16 digit ATM card no.>

Send this sms to 9264092640 or you can send also to 5607040. You will get SMS from bank. You can use 6 digit OTP for new Green PIN mentioned in SMS.

How to set PIN for PNB debit card using 6 digit OTP?

You can use “Green PIN” option in your PNB net banking.


You can also do same by PNB ATM machine. You can watch this video also for step by step process in ATM machine.


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Axis bank Debit card PIN set

Axis bank new debit card PIN generate. ऐसे generate करें एक्सिस बैंक के नए डेबिट कार्ड का पिन तुरंत|

Axis bank Debit card pin generation.

You can set PIN for your Axis bank New ATM easily. There are many ways to reset pin like:
– Through ATM Machine
– Using Mobile APP
– Through Net banking etc.

We’ll see how to generate debit card PIN through ATM machine.

Here is step by step process to set PIN for New Axis Bank dedit card:

1. Go to nearby Axis bank ATM machine.

2. Insert you Axis bank ATM card/debit card in the machine.

3. Select “Set Pin” option. You will receive Code through SMS.

4. Enter your registered mobile number and your date of birth.

5. Enter code no. received through SMS.

6. Now enter PIN no. as per your choice and re-enter the same number again.

7. Great. You have set you new PIN successfully.

So using these steps you can set PIN easily for your New Axis bank ATM card/debit card.

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Your State bank debit card ending XXXX is blocked

Did you get SMS “Your State bank debit card ending XXXX is blocked, Apply for replacement”? What to do now? read this page for the solution.

SMS received from SBI Bank “Your State bank debit card ending XXXX is blocked. Apply online or contact base branch”.

As you know, SBI bank is blocking all non-chip debit cards and replacing with new EMV chip card. Not only SBI, but every bank is doing same because of RBI guidelines. The bank is blocking old magstripe debit cards in batches. Maybe you have got the same SMS mentioned above.

How to get New EMV Chip debit card?

SBI has mentioned on the official website Please apply for a replacement EMV Chip Debit Card by visiting home Branch or through internet banking ( Although the bank is sending new EMV chip Rupay card to customers without application also.

New EMV chip ATM card charges?

New EMV Chip Debit Card will be issued free of cost. No any bank will charge for it.

How will I know that new EMV chip debit card has been issued to me?

You will get SMS regarding new ATM. Click here for more detail regarding this “Your SBI debit card ending with dispatched”.


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How to get New SBI EMV chip Debit card?

You have read in newspapers that SBI old non-chip ATM debit card will be blocked before 31st December. Well, it’s right. But SBI customers are confused that do we need to apply online for New EMV chip Debit card or visit SBI branch for the same. How will we get new SBI EMV chip debit card?

How will I get New SBI debit card?

SBI is already sending debit card to it’s customers by speed post. No need to apply for fresh card if your old ATM card is active yet. You will get new ATM card before 31st December.

Is it necessary to apply SBI ATM card online?

No, If your old card is not working due to some reason. You can apply online through SBI net banking. But no need to apply if it’s working yet. SBI has already sent new ATM to many customers by speed post, to others ATM is being sent.

I got SMS from SBI that ““Your SBI Debit Card ending with XXXX dispatched on xx this date through Speed Post No A123456789IN. Plz follow instructions on welcome letter to generate your PIN”.

Great! You will get your ATM soon if you have got this SMS. As i told above that SBI has already sent new debit card to many customers by speed post with any application request. Because this is RBI mandate to all PSBs to provide new EMV chip card to customers.

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How to track speed post to track new debit card location ?

You can easily track speed post if you have got sms “Your SBI Debit Card ending with XXXX dispatched on xx this date through Speed Post No AxxxxxxIN. Here is how to track my ATM in Indian Speed post?

Which ATM card is good for me? Rupay, Master or Visa?

SBI is sending New EMV chip Rupay card only to customers. Rupay card has many benfits over other variant debit cards.

हिंदी में पढ़ें: SBI का खाता कैसे खोलें?

Rupay cards are good for you. Click here to know all benefits

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