BOB passbook or Baroda MPassbook (Bank of baroda M Passbook app)
Baroda Mpassbook app is for Bank of Baroda customers to see the account statement. It is soft copy of the passbook. You can see all transactions instantly. No need to go branch to update passbook.

BOB passbook is in mobile banking app (Baroda mconnect plus).

Now BOB passbook is being integrated in mobile banking app Baroda mconnect plus.

How to start Baroda Passbook.

No need to do anything. Just install mobile banking app Baroda mconnect plus, you will get all transaction and statement also.

Hope you will be able to see all transaction and statement easily now.

Baroda Mpassbook not found on google play store so install mobile banking app Baroda mconnect plus.

Baroda Mpassbook is not on playstore now in 2020. So

Mpassbook app for other bank are here.