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Bhim App cashback offer rs 51 one time and 750 per month

Bhim App 750 rupees cash back per month, How?


Friends, Bhim app is fastest app of Just 2 MB size. It was launched in 2017. This year on 14th April, Indian Govt offered cashback plan for new bhim users. New plan offers cash back of 750 rupees per month per user. Merchants can get up to 1000 rupees using bhim app.

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has offered cashback plans for customers and merchants using Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) App. If you are not using this app. You can download from play store.

How to get 51 rupees?

First cashback – Although the cashback service is valid for both new and existing users, the first time BHIM App users will get a cashback of Rs 51 on completing their first transaction as welcome gift.  User will have to transfer minimum 1 rupee to any one to get 51 rupees cashback.  This app has may features like transfer via IFSC, MMID also to non-UPI banks.

How to get 750 rupees per month?

Bhim users who make 25 or more transactions, but less than 50 per month, they will get Rs 100 cashback. For transactions more than 50 and less than 100, Rs 200 will be provided as cashback. People who do more than 100 transactions monthly will get Rs 250 cashback. All of these transactions need to of Rs 10 or above.

Offer for merchant

Merchants who accept payments through BHIM App or other apps using the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) may get maximum cashback of Rs 1,000 per month. Merchants will receive a cashback worth 10% of the value of each transaction, subject to a cap of Rs 50 per transaction. Also, they must record more than 10 credit transactions per month, each of which should be more than Rs 25, in order to be eligible for the cashback.


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