BOB emv chip debit card

BOB EMV Chip Debit card

BOB EMV Chip ATM card : How to get new EMV chip debit card?

Bank of Baroda is sending new EMV chip ATM card to all existing customer through base branch.

BOB non-chip ATM will be blocked or not?

If you are using old non-chip card. You should know that card will be blocked very soon.

you may contact bank of Baroda base branch to know dispatch status of new BOB EMV Chip ATM card.

How to get BOB debit card online?

If you are using old non-chip card. Don’t worry. Your new Chip based card will be dispatched to your BOB branch very soon. You can get new BOB ATM card from your branch.

You can also contact toll free no. 1800 22 33 44 to track BOB ATM card.

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