Rupay ATM Card Accidental insurance scheme 1 lakh or 2 lakh ?

Rupay ATM Accidental Insurance scheme: Latest information If you are using Rupay ATM card, you must know about this. Every rupay card holder is insured with accidental insurance plan. All non-premium rupay cards have insurance of 1 lakh rupees and all premium rupay ATM like Rupay Platinum have insurance of ruppes 2 Lakhs. Most of … Read more

ATM card blocked, Contact your branch message

ATM card blocked, How to get new Debit card? Are you getting message “ATM card blocked, Contact your base branch”. It is because all magnetic strip atm carbs are being blocked as per RBI guidelines. My ATM card blocked. How to unblock now? Now you need to get ATM card with Chip technology before 31st … Read more