BOB emv chip debit card

BOB EMV Chip Debit card

BOB EMV Chip ATM card : How to get new EMV chip debit card? Bank of Baroda is sending new EMV chip ATM card to all existing customer through base branch. BOB non-chip ATM will be blocked or not? If you are using old non-chip card. You should know that card will be blocked very soon. […]

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BOB M Passbook

Mpassbook Bank of Baroda BOB Passbook app

Baroda MPassbook (Bank of baroda M Passbook app) Baroda Mpassbook app is for Bank of Baroda customers to see account statement. It is soft copy of the passbook. You can see all transactions instantly. No need to go branch to update passbook. BOB MPassbook App Requirement: 1. Mobile no should be updated in your bank […]

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BOB Mconnect plus : Cardless cash withdraw in Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda has updated it’s mobile banking BOB MConnect Plus version with new features. like Cash on Mobile, Amount upper limit per transaction or per day, 15G 15H forms online submission, TDS certificate etc. Cash on mobile feature is great feature. You can withdraw money from BOB ATM without atm card now. BOB Mconnect […]

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